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The Mad Smash

Take a break from stress and have some fun in a Rage Room!
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Let Go of Stress!

We understand that emotions need to be released and that sometimes talking it out just doesn't do the job! Lingering anger, stress, disappointment, grief, and sadness can lead to anxiety and depression.

The Mad Smash is the perfect place if you are having relationship problems, stressed at work, dealing with a loss, kids are driving you crazy, or you just want to have some fun!

After you smash you can hang around,  play some games, and relax. Check our calendar of events for classes.

Must be 8yo+ AND minors must have an adult in the room.  Close toed shoes and signed waiver required.

Our Programs

Rage Room

Rage room, Greenville SC, Smash, break, anger, stress, therapy, release, anxiety, depressed, fun

Feeling angry or irritable? It's Rage Room time! Choose your weapon, suit up, and then unload your stress on glass and other breakables.  You can purchase a Smash Pack or head into the Junk Smash Room which is pre-filled with larger furniture and appliances.  Check out our party packages too and bring some friends to the Group Smash Room!


Massage Therapy

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Need some relaxation to go with your stress relief?  We offer massage therapy by appointment.



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We offer classes and events to help expand your stress relief tool box in addition to the rage room experience.  Many of the classes are free! Check the upcoming event calender here!

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Please contact us with any Rage Room questions, comments, or scheduling concerns.   

The Mad Smash

Taylors Mill, 250 Mill St. Taylors, South Carolina, United States

(864)569-5810 themadsmash@gmail.com